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Energy kick for the New Year

Let it 2012 quiet and effective at the same address - here come the best relaxation tips for more energy in life

A weekend without a phone. Hooray, Aunt Erna does not call the boss. not and the best friend does not tell you, but a friend with a lot more time part 879 of their exciting love story with the lovely neighbors Tempting prospect? It can be as simple: stop the phone and cell phone for 24 hours consistently. No sensory overload, no Dauergequassel, no ringing in the ears. A positive side effect: The discovery of how much you have to say to actually have with your partner, if finally no sparks between. Try it!
Puzzles: Your moods change faster than the weather again, happiness today, tomorrow winter depression? To the emotional household back into order and gain an overview of the emotional chaos back, an exercise from childhood days is effective. When puzzles are sorted countless items and put them together into a larger whole. Just as it is in private with all the raw emotion and impressions fragments wishes. Our advice: 1000 parts start and slowly increase.
Build self-esteem: We complain about our great nose, find ourselves with two kilos too much on her hips and terrible scare when looking in the mirror because we are so boring and without appeal? Is the self-esteem on the zero point, the best friends ran. "What do you like really me?" could some throw a glass of wine in the round - and absorb the soothing praise house helpfulness, openness and reliability. Conclusion: In the future, no longer as critical with yourself!
Face mask mix : Mix cottage cheese with fresh cucumber slices, stick it on the cheeks, put your feet up and close your eyes. Relaxation, which makes also nice is the best. And who determines itself what comes to the skin must not be angry with incompatible additives around that could cause unsightly redness and pimples unnecessary. Details of sophisticated and varied homemade facial cosmetics Cosima Bellersen-Quinri reveals in her beauty book " . Easy homemade natural cosmetics ", € 16.90.

Forest walk: Even if it's for days wet, cold and nasty outside in the living room warm and cozy, it's worth a winter walk in the fresh air. Some exercise, have a snowball fight or sleigh ride not only the circuit, but also the mood is good. Prepared with hat, scarf and socks and, at best, with the beloved's hand, comes to romantic mood with a stroll through the park and hot chocolate in the café.
Closet clean out: Everything must go, whether on Ebay, in the clothes container or friends with a lot more storage space. The main thing, throw ballast and make room for new things, which frees! Little guidance as a rule of thumb: All the clothes that were in the past 18 months not once leave the cabinet, can safely be adopted. It is after all, always someone who finds the little worn Häkeljacke Aunt Inge really stylish and fits in the auctioned on Ebay in the wrong size skinny jeans.  
More Sleep: hot water bottle in the back, warm socks on your feet, a cup of hot milk with honey on the bedside table with a lovely tome before midnight cozy snuggle into bed. Almost every adult needs eight hours of sleep, on average, for the next day focused and committed push forward. While we sleep, our skin regenerates itself, the immune system and fills up our overweight of everyday stimuli brain gets a break. Who even after nine hours of sleep is not in the corridors and the obligatory lunch deep in the office feels anguish should finally make good and true intent a week consistently off by 22 clock light.  
Sports in the SPA : Whether swimming or fitness , Pilates or Yoga: Sports beneficial effect already twenty minutes on our stressed soul. Of course, often the only bitch to be overcome before you look at the misshapen Sportdress forces - but worth it! After auspowern sauna is announced that cleans the skin and toughens the immune system. The next cold wave will therefore only take the other. During the wonderful massage by a specialist with revitalizing oils, it is found that the self-control has once again paid off. Otherwise, a mirror on the adhesive bikini photo effect from your last vacation motivation miracle.
Rooms emphasize color: When winter slush gray roads and snow white color, it is time to bring inside with fresh colors on momentum. Colors influence our mood, soothe and motivate them or give us correctly, new impetus. Pink reduces aggression, blue conveys calm and serenity, yellow makes awake, creative and joyful and red stimulates and gives us new power. Anyone still afraid of bright green kitchen walls, can the Internet in the huge selection of wall tattoos or browse photo-wallpaper with great flower-power motifs. Our tip: bold colors, the courage to change!
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